Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gwen Ifill, Moderator of the VP Debate is in the TANK for Barry Obama!!!

This World Net Daily article was just carried by Matt Drudge:

Ifill Writes Book about Barry H. Obama

Michelle Malkin gives more detail here:

VP Moderator in the Tank for Barry

Gwen Ifill plans to release a book on "The Breakthrough" on January 20th 2009, the date the next president takes office. The Breakthrough details the coming "Age of Obama" a book praising the efforts of the Annointed Messiah, Barry Obama.

The release of this pro-socialist book by a member of the main stream media would be of little surprise for most sane Americans. However, Ifill is set to "moderate" the VP debates on Thursday evening!!!! I wonder which way Gwen leans on the issues???

I encourage everyone to contact the Commission on Presidential Debates to protest this brash and obscene action by the media. Their telephone number is 202-872-1020. The chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates is Janet Brown, her email address is: jb@debates.org. Tell these punks that enough is enough!!!

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