Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kobe Bryant & Phil Jacksons Pact with the Devil

I love the Jazz. I'm getting set to see them go down in flames to the Lakers. It not that I believe the Lakers are an out and out better team than the Jazz, because they are not. The Lakers have talent like Bryant, Odem, and Fisher. However, if one looks closely at Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant they both look like the devil. Examine the picture of the Masters Mayhem below:

What you can't see in the picture are the horns, but they are there. (I have it from a friend that the two of them grow them out during the off season). From what I've been told these two guys swore away their souls to Old Scratch if he would give them two things: 1) Referees with a hard tilt towards the Lakers (as appearant in today's home cooked show and 2) NBA titles. I rest my case.

The only hope for the Jazz at this point is to pray that they can win at least one on the road.

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