Thursday, May 1, 2008

Socialists in Moderate's Clothing

It amazes me still that there are socialists and communists in this world. Especially after the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the many failures associated with that style of government. Since its collapse in 1991, communists quickly disappeared like cockroaches in the light of day.

Many foolishly assume they are gone, but on this May Day it is apparent that they have little more than change their names less abrasive titles like: social progressives, progressives, and moderates.

Without the bright light of day from media, policy makers, and other influentials, the growing number of those groups who subscribe to the teachings of Marx and Mao will increase.

It is obvious from the actions of pinkos like George Soros and Barack Obama that they are quietly and swiftly moving to remove cherished values like freedom of speech, free enterprise, and privacy rights away from average Americans. As the news "highlights" the May Day celebrations from around the world today remember they are celebrating a pinker version of the world

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