Monday, June 16, 2008

Chaffetz Supporter Calls Me Today....

We have some prominent retail locations along the Wasatch Front where our company has allowed the Chris Cannon campaign to put up his signs. I received a terse call from a gentleman who decided that his candidate, "Mr. Second District" Chaffetz needed to have his signs up next to ours. I politely told the gentleman that we had endorsed Chris Cannon and that we would not be interested in allowing him to put up Chaffetz signs. The guy on the line huffed and I thanked him for his interest.

Is it just me, or don't property owners have the right to put up the campaign signs of their own choosing? Guess what? If I don't want your lousy sign in my yard I have the right to take it down.

"Hey! How come you won't put up my sign?"

We had a guy threaten to call the cops on us for taking down illegally posted signs (illegal because they put them up on our property without our permission). Of course we were popping down the Salt Lake County liberals and RINOs signs and the guy that stopped his car in the intersection was a poser with telamark skis and driving a Subaru Baja wagon (I'm certain he was on his way to meet his boyfriend). We finally had to tell this guy to leave or we were going to call the cops. He slithered away after we called him a poser and threw his signs at him.

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