Sunday, June 8, 2008

Morons to the Left of Me, Bright ones to the right...

Sunday mornings around our house are spent watching the political shows of the morning. I watched Fox News Sunday and This week on ABC. I forgot how dull, abrassive, and repulsive John Kerry was. Kudos to him on the face lift, nothing makes a Frankenstein look more life-like then a few shots of Botox and a stretch of the skin. Unfortunately it appears that the botox has moved into his brain. Here are a few examples: 1) Endorsing and supporting Obama should be enough to warrant a check of the noggin. 2) Stating that raising taxes on those making more than 100K a year is a good thing and that cutting the taxes on the elderly making less than 50K is a good idea 3) Stating that an immediate withdrawl of troops in Iraq makes sense and 4) John McCain is wrong on Iraq (I think he is the only national politian who has made sense on that issue).

What is of greatest concern to me is the number of people who will believe the Junior Blowhard from Taxachusetts. A Barry Hussein Obama presidency will take this country into thinly veiled socialism. The problem is that most Americans want socialism, or feel that taxpayers owe them something. We are in for some seriously difficult times if Barry is elected.

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