Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Fall for Richard Ellis's BS tomorrow. Walker is the choice

In the less publicized, but equally important State Treasurer race, Mark Walker squares off against Richard Ellis. Both Republicans and who ever wins tomorrow is the next Treasurer unless one of them pulls a "Nancy Workman" in the next five months.

I somewhat feel for Ellis. Here is a guy who has worked his way towards this position. A life long paperpusher for the State of Utah, his loftiest goals in life to reach the oft-forgotten, but ever valuable position of State Treasurer. Now he is getting a strong challange from a rising star of the Republican party Mark Walker.

Many in the press (including the liberal SL Trib) claim that Walker is too inexperienced to be selected. As AG Shurtleff states, "I call Mark 'Triple Threat Walker', and the triple threat is: substantial private sector financial experience, experience in the legislature where laws are made, and demonstrated conservative values as a republican."

Walker has raised some good points about Ellis 1) Ellis fought against a state bill that would have put a cap on state spending 2) Ellis is a life long bureaucrat (I don't care how "conservative" you claim to be as a bureacrat, if you spend you entire life on the public dime, you get pretty liberal with it). Based on these two VERY important matters (okay, somewhat important matters) I urge my friends and colleuges to join with me in voting for Mark Walker for Utah State Treasurer

Eh, Why not?

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