Monday, June 23, 2008

Vote Cannon: The 3rd's Real Choice

The night before the Republican Primary Election in Utah's Third District and Wednesday's Child is endorsing (no surprise here folks) Chris Cannon for re-election. The reason really boils down to a couple of points: Mr. Chaffetz lives in the Second District. As hie states, a mere 12,000 feet (or two miles to you and me) from the 3rd district, so he should be able to run in the 3rd district because its close enough. Secondly, Jason Chaffetz believes that he needs to run in for Cannon's seat because Cannon isn't conservative enough for Utahns. Really? What about your representative Mr. Chaffetz? Is the Democrat Jim Matheson conservative enough for you? Because if your concern is for the conservative values espoused by so many of us, wouldn't you want to run against the more liberal opponent?

The fact of the matter is Chaffetz sees Cannon as an easier (and less expensive) target to beat than Jim Matheson. Matheson in the 2nd district is very popular and by all means has a lock on he seat for the foreseeable future. Cannon in the 3rd district has made some political mistakes, is not a "talking points" politician and doesn't possess the pretty boy looks of the post-Eisenhower politician. Chaffetz claims to be the champion of conservative politics, and very well may be that. However, he should stand up for those values in his own district and not mine (even if it is only 144,000 inches from his backyard.

Our real choice

I hope my friends in the 3rd district will join with me and vote Cannon on Tuesday, June 24th. Let's send Chaffetz packing for the 2nd district where he belongs.


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