Thursday, June 26, 2008

To Arms.... To Arms!!!

Great decision today from SCOTUS! On a five to four vote (Okay that was really predictable and weak on behalf of the court liberals)the Supreme Court held that the ruling of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on District of Columbia v. Heller was correct. The Constitution clearly stipulates that Americans have a reasonable expectation to bear arms, included loaded handguns and rifles within the walls of their own home. I'm glad to see the majority had the courage to read plainly the words of the founding fathers.

I heard on a radio show a couple of weeks ago that if D.C. had the right to ignore the 2nd Amendment because it didn't work for their city, then my local government could ignore the 16th Amendment (Federal Income Tax) because it doesn't work for its residents. If libs don't like the 2nd Amendment they should work through the existing framework of the Constitution and have it amended to strip citizens of their right to bear arms. The same goes for any law, no matter how reasonable and good it appears to any person in this country. The Constitution provides the framework that all laws must properly adhere to. If laws fall outside the framework provided by the amendments then they are to be stricken. The argument that the Constitution is a "living and evolving" document is garbage. The document does not involve unless a super majority of Congress and 3/4 of states ratify a new provision to it.

Score one for Constitutional Purists and Originalist today! Scalia and the other strict constructionists on the bench are to be applauded for their wisdom and ruling.

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